Artist Statement

I love to explore the way color, light, shapes, and textures are harmonized, minimized, perceived, and enjoyed.  Through various mediums and media, I experiment and examine relationships of these elements and engage the viewer’s eyes to open the doorway to their mind and allow them to be mesmerized by the collisions, connections, intersections, and layers that my art seeks to evoke.

I paint intuitively which allows my art to develop while I am engaged with the canvas, and react instinctively to the ideas and various color and texture interests as they occur.  I have found over the course of my life and art career that forcing art to happen only results in mediocre and shallow work.  I paint and create for my own well-being, however, I have a great desire to draw viewers into my work and create a unique bond with them.

What does my art mean?  The best way to explain what I do is to compare it to music.  I am drawn to many genres of music and the myriad of ideas they inspire in me, whether it be percussion, strings, electric guitars, great riffs, vocals, etc.  The textures and sounds that are created are very akin to how I approach developing my artwork, and appreciating music.  In my art, you will notice rhythms, movement, depth, and visual hooks that keep your eyes travelling, and seeking to see more.  My art therefore, is a creative expression relative to how I understand and enjoy music.  It’s all about how it draws my interest and makes me feel!

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