Art – Rays

Rays, is an acrylic painting on stretched canvas, with heavy texture. The concentric radial pattern was made with custom designed tools. The painting measures 48″ x 60″, 121.92 cm x 152.4 cm, and is gallery wrapped with painted edges. No frame is included. Purchase is for the painting only. Packing, crating, and shipping are at an additional cost. Art may be picked up from the artist’s studio by appointment only, or the artist will work with a shipping company, or delivery service to find the shipping method, or rate that best meets your needs. All sales are subject to Virginia’s 6% sales tax.


Martin Cervantez Art, Copyright 2018, all rights reserved.

4 comments on “Portfolio

  1. Martin,

    I’ve been watching your style mature for over 3 decades now…since we started in art school together in the early 80s. I must say, it’s rather exciting to see you fully empowered with time, ample space and a lifetime of experience, with which you may draw upon (pardon the pun).

    Blessings Hermano,

    Ps Nice work on The Rose.

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